Jackets & Coats

Elegant blazers and tailored jackets exist to tastefully complement your outfits and make you look classy at work, on a date and during a walk in a park. High-quality outerwear made out of natural textiles - wool, linen and silk - ingeniously hide imperfections and show your best features off. Provide warmth, protect from wind and allow your skin breathe freely so you can feel refreshed in every situation.
Wearing airy kimono jackets, slenderizing blazers, stylish bombers and jackets you gain not only comfort but also an extraordinary piece of your outfit - made to measure. Perfectly fitted and individually selected model of a jacket or a coat will ensure freedom of movement and give you masses of confidence. Thanks to garments by the Polish designer you will look fashionable and feel attractive regardless of weather conditions. Check out our collection of jackets and blazers for chilly days!