Autumn is usually associated with gloomy, rainy weather, falling leaves, cooling temperatures and darkening nights. Despite longing for summer, we must try to adapt to this specific pre-winter aura. So what to do to mesmerize this sad season? The answer is simple - the styling and colour of what we wear.

Each of us is different, each of us has a personal style, and most importantly - each of us is special!

This article is devoted to coats and matching outfits.

You say coat, you think elegance. You wear it for work, for a business meeting, for an intimate dinner. The coat, however, has gained many functionalities in recent years, which, somehow, disenchant its original use. Different forms and designs blend, and knowing how to fashionably style is always an advantage!

Our proposal is unique, vibrant, but also classic. Below we share with you a few tips on various looks where the leading role is played by our amazing coats from Odzieżowe Pole:

Chic, elegant look

The most obvious association with coats.
In photo 1, a beautifully fitted knee lenght wool coat. It goes well with high heels, ankle boots or knee high leather boots. A toned-down coat, in navy blue or black, is an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe.
Photo 2 shows a thigh-length woolen coat with buttons. It is comfortable and airy over the body and makes your figure look lighter. Suitable both for a business meeting as well as a private event.

Casual look

We offer a selection of casual coats which go with pretty much every type of shoes - flats, loafers, boots or trainers. Various styles and colours allow you to create a complete, thought-out attire.

Bohemian look

Finally, we want to prove that our coats can really be worn with anything! In the first photo you can see a stunning, buttoned coat with a high-neck collar and a belt around the waist. Tailored to the figure, it goes well with both trousers and long skirts.
A purple coat (photo 2) loosely thrown over our model’s shoulders, paired with contrasting sports shoes, works perfectly for a spontaneous getaway or an informal meeting. Always  gorgeous, natural and elegant.

As we mentioned earlier, you can mix and match your clothing to really fit your personal style and requirements. The above examples show how effectively you can use coats to add yourself some confidence, stand out from the crowd, demonstrate your beauty and - most of all - feel comfortable.

Let’s not forget to mention the cherry on top - Odziezowe Pole offers made-to-measure garment! It opens the door to every woman who dreams of the perfect cut and colour that is not available on the high street.

We warmly invite you to visit our stationary shop at 10 Bagatela Street in Warsaw and let our fashion designer make autumn amazing for you!

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