Just when I start smelling spring in the air I start thinking how our everyday decisions impact the environment. Poland is one of the most polluted countries in the EU and we have been recently hearing more and more about poor air quality and smog. The most important action to take in making a difference in anything is learning about how to help.

You may be wondering what sustainable fashion really results in. The reduction in water and material consumption, and use of alternative earth-friendly textiles are all factors that make a clothing brand eco-friendly. Clothing brands all have their own unique way of helping the planet. Odzieżowe Pole identifies itself strongly with the sustainable fashion movement and came up with an idea for an ecological bags collection.

Are you curious how a clothing designer can participate in an environmentally friendly project?

Odzieżowe Pole is pleased to present eco-friendly tote bags, shoulder bags, clutches and recently super-fashionable shopper bags. All of them are designed with customers' comfort and sustainability in mind.



Zacznijmy od toreb… Nie są to jednak zwykłe torby, to eko torby z surowców ekologicznych, gdyż szyjemy nasze
Let's start with non-woven linen shopper bags. The flax plant does not require much energy or water resources to produce and the entire plant used to make linen, leaving no waste footprint. This fabric is naturally biodegradable and recyclable. Nov-woven linen also has high durability and resistance to dirt which makes it a perfect material for regularly used shopper bags.

Those bags are completely handmade by Odziezowe Pole therefore by buying them you support Polish manufacturers. They are extremely universal and - depends on a size -  suitable for carrying books, paperwork and obviously a variety of shopping!  

torba eko mała      torba eko duża



If that is not enough for you, you should know Odziezowe Pole offers more variety of eco-friendly bags. They are not only sustainable, but also, absolutely UNIQUE as we recycle leftover fabrics which make every piece one-of-a-kind. After all, every woman is special and deserves extraordinary accessories!

Another advantage of our handmade products is their great durability thanks to the use of thick, woolen upholstery fabric. The handles and bottoms are reinforced with cruelty-free, eco-leather.

If you wish to stand out even more we have got you covered with a selection of various styles and colours! Maybe you need a comfortable and functional shoulder bag with enough room to fit a laptop and extra pockets to keep your belongings neat and tidy? It is an essential piece of every Polish woman and Odziezowe Pole has it available in various colours and patterns - maybe go for roses for the Spring/Summer?

Fashion lovers in need of a statement bag may find our next proposition interesting - a sack bag. Although small and unassuming, it attracts attention with its nonchalant style.

 worek eko w róże   torba eko shopper



Finally, our little gem: something for chic eco-conscious women. We recommend a clutch bag made of interesting, rich texture fabric in beige and gray decorated with a brown bow, which not only adds elegance, but also serves as a handle. Obviously, as another sustainable piece in our collection it is made out of recycled fabrics. Do you already know which party to take her to? Certainly the eco-friendly one!

kopertówka eko 

PS. Keep in mind that Odzieżowe Pole is open to your ideas and needs and can custom any of the above models for you!

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