How to look slimmer with our eight styling tips.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a body of a lingerie model. You can, however, have a body-positive attitude, own your curves at any size and still want to look fit, firm and fabulous.
Below we have prepared a few clever tips and tricks that can have an enormous effect on the way you look and feel.

How a fabric works with your body is so important. If you have a few extra kilos, try to wear clothes made of thicker, richier fabrics, covering areas that are problematic for you. Look for fabrics that move with you, have added drape to offer tummy coverage, feel soft against the body and are comfortable to move around in.
In warmer months linen clothes are best, as its structure distracts attention from any bits you prefer to hide, while at the same time being airy and providing comfort.

2. Colour
Forget the myth that bright colours make you look big. Don't be afraid of colours, just be careful with patterned fabrics! Dressing in one colour head to toe is the easiest slim trick of all because it creates one long, clean line and doesn’t break your body up into separate visual parts. This one also makes you look taller! Monochrome outfits give also more freedom in selecting accessories.

3. Gloss
Watch out for shiny fabrics, as such material may highlight the muffin top and other rolls.

4. Size
When it comes to size, we women definitely pay attention to it! Certain brands take advantage of this and often lower the size, so even though you always wear size 40, you may surprisingly fit in 38. This is definitely an intended effect and we do not condemn and do not praise, but remember that no one will see your size on the label. Keep in mind that a dress size up may make you optically slimmer, with the folds of the fabric covering up what is needed. But overall remember - you are more than a dress size, so rather than focusing on what dress size you are, focus on how that dress makes you feel.

5. Lengthening lines
Add extra vertical lines to your outfit. Elongated lines, stitching in the middle will lengthen the silhouette. Pay attention to the pattern of the fabric - the cross stripes can make you look wider.


6. Neckline
Go for either V-neck and boat-neck - both will accentuate and lengthen your figure. Avoid rounded collars and princess necklines, especially if you have broad shoulders.


Dekolt łodkowy

7. Underwear
This is crucial! Well-fitting underwear can change your shape and make you look slimmer in seconds. Pay close attention to the appropriate fit so it works with the outfit that you plan to wear.
Distinctive panties under the dress can spoil the whole effect. Seamless underwear is widely available on the market, so it is worth having it handy when planning to wear a tighter outfit. Another proven trick is wearing underwear a size larger, so that the seams on the body will not be imprinted.

8. Trousers
Choose the perfect length of trousers and jeans. The most flattering length ends 2cm above the ground. Remember that some trousers may shrink in the wash, so any corrections should be made only after the first wash. Trousers that are too short can make your figure appear heavy.
Go for high waisted pants without a doubt - not only will they lengthen your legs, they will also cover potential muffin tops. Just avoid bulging pockets.

Spodnie - wysoki stan

9. Jackets, sweaters and coats
Avoid baggy jackets, bombers and oversize sweaters. They look great on tall and slim girls, but can add extra weight to your outfit. However, if you decide on this piece of clothing, keep it proportionate and emphasize your legs - with skinny jeans or leather leggings. Choose those that are well-tailored to your body shape.

Długi płaszcz

Coats - a long coat will lengthen your figure.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience and successful styling :)

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