Creating wedding dresses according to your own design is slowly becoming a must-be. This guarantees that your expectations and dreams related to the wedding are fully met. You will feel attractive, comfortable, and most importantly, the dress will be…. like you always dreamed of! You will be sure that your wedding dress is not in any catalogue, it is unique and extraordinary.

Your wedding dress should be the most gorgeous you have ever seen. Perfectly suited to the body shape, height, complexion and personal style of a woman. Handmade finishing and precise fit make the dress look flawless and create an aura of high-end sophistication.

You surely know there is a lot of choice in dress salons and catalogues. An abundance of manufacturers and their extensive offering make it impossible to decide. Nothing is quite right and you would like to combine different features of several models - neckline, back of the dress, finishing, flares and create something unique and more ‘you’. If this is the case - we come to the rescue and invite you to talk and discuss your ideas. We share with you our 30 years of experience, which we constantly draw from, while learning new techniques and observing newest trends.

Why is it worth making a dress according to your project?

While preparing for this important event in our lives, we experience a transition into a new state. Each element of the new dress made step by step, brings us closer to the wedding day and the changes that are to come in our lives. A wedding dress reflects the state of preparations for the wedding, the closer to this grand day, the more we can say about the final shape of the wedding dress. When making a tailor-made dress, meeting a designer, constructor, and seamstress, we create memories. We are accompanied by emotions that we will surely remember for many years, if not forever. On the other hand, we will look at the dress as our own work, the work of our imagination, taste and the moment in our life in which we are now, which in a few years may be completely different. The wedding dress will remind us of our thoughts, words, reservations, and the reactions of our loved ones, which may turn out to be invaluable after many years.
If you want a unique or unusual wedding dress and you are not afraid of breaking wedding standards and schemes, we kindly invite you to a casual meeting over coffee.

We welcome you to create wedding memories together.