We like our clothes to be worn freely and nonchalantly. We say about ourselves that we design "polite dresses for anarchists''. As our lives already come with various restrictions and rules then why should we add another constraint in such a personal matter as clothing?

We create classic clothing with a twist - minimalist forms that mix fabrics, details and their use differently than commonly accepted. This gives you more options and makes the outfit more unique. We create with passion, from design to the final version of the product. Every detail is made from scratch by us and often hand-finished. We offer clothes with a thoughtful design, which, combined with natural materials and precise tailoring, guarantees excellent quality. Our regular collections pieces can be made-to-measure and we also carry out projects for individual order.

We care not only about the quality and look of our product. We create with the awareness that our health and well-being depend on what we wear, eat and what we surround ourselves with. That is why we use environment-friendly materials in our collections, such as linen, hemp, silk, wool and sustainable cotton.


Odzieżowe Pole is a brand with over 27-year tradition. We make short-series collections for women who are aware that carefully selected clothing becomes a practical tool for building their image and a way to manifest their personal style. In addition to daywear, we also offer an extensive choice of wedding dresses, stage costumes, business attires, as well as accessories: handbags, belts, jewellery and headpieces.

Eko Ego, a young child of OP is a sustainable fashion line(released once a year), its pieces are made exclusively from environment-friendly fabrics. EkoEgo not only stands for high quality and excellent look of the product, but also carefully considers the origin and production method. The concept behind this collection comes from the close relationship between man and nature, the energy that surrounds us and of which we are a part of. We capture colours, forms, sounds and fragrances for a little while to create a new quality.