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You are here because you are looking for clothes designed by a Polish designer - dresses, women's coats, jackets and other elements of women's clothing created with passion. They are not only comfortable, but most of all they make you open the wardrobe with a smile and make you look in the mirror with real pleasure. These are the clothes you can find in the Odzieżowe Pole online boutique.

Each piece of clothing offered on the website was created by Marzena Ratowska - Polish fashion designer. They have an original cut, are comfortable, feminine and moderately emphasizing the advantages of the figure. Thanks to the creativity of the designer and the professional team in the studio, we play with inspirations. We reach for kimonos, corset models, and costumes referring to historically different fashions. Every day classic with a delicate barb and from the holidays originality and expressive detail. The collections of Odzieżowe Pole are unique also thanks to the fact that we sew our clothes in short series - you will not find such dresses, coats, jackets in any chain store!

We invite you to get acquainted with the models presented on the website. However, it is always nice to meet you in person, so please visit our boutique in Warsaw and taste the quality for yourself!


WEDDING DRESSES from a designer’s studio

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We will sew especially for you!

Tailored sewing is not only about full fit to the figure, but most of all full personalization. Thanks to that each shirt, skirt, trousers, dress or coat will have a unique character. You can decide on the cut, length, style and character and choose every detail according to your taste - the type and color of the fabric, lining, buttons and even type of zippers.

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