Accessories incl. Masks

Even the most outstanding collection is not complete without appropriate accessories - a belt, a handbag, and recently a face mask. A handmade belt  - bow-tied or minimalistic bind - enables you to highlight your waist and emphasize style of a dress.
A classic shoulder bag or a cute, slightly dazzling sack bag where you can easily fit all your essentials. Chic clutches with a comfy handle cleverly hidden under a decorative bow are a fantastic addition to every stylish outfit. A fantastic handbag by Odziezowe Pole allows you to build a classic, timeless image and feature your creativeness and love for refined forms. In our online shop you will find with ease the highest-quality handbags that will complement your extraordinary attire.
We also offer fashionable face masks made for both everyday use and special occasions. Linen, pastel masks or surprising combinations of raw linen with white or black lace are all excellent additions to complement your outfits. Pick one of our breathable and fashionable pieces to complete your look.