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EcoEgo - eco-friendly dresses made of sustainable fabrics

Women have always been close to nature. Innate intuition makes us feel an extraordinary bond with nature, and our bodies symbolically express the cyclical nature of it. Nature is unpredictable - just like us, and its wildness lives on in our hearts, giving us inexhaustible energy and strength to pursue life goals.

We are proud of the unique relationship that connects us with nature and we consciously choose a lifestyle close to nature. We know that the fabrics we surround ourselves with have an impact on our health and well-being, so we eagerly reach for environmentally friendly materials. We choose them because what is organic is good for us - it allows our skin to breathe and protects it against allergies. That is why we rediscover the pleasure of wearing eco-friendly dresses made of linen, hemp, silk, cotton and wool.

Nature has always played an important role in the design and creation of our clothes, but over time, we decided to start celebrating our bond. And this is how the Eko Ego collection was created - a line of clothing made exclusively from sustainable textiles that is released once a year. We use only eco-friendly fabrics to show that natural beauty is hidden in each of us.

Eco-fashion? Naturally! The abundance of forms and colours found in nature has been an endless source of inspiration for artists for centuries. We are also fascinated by the perfection of colour combinations and harmony of shapes, the manifestations of which we find in embellished flower buds and the minimalist simplicity of the landscape. Colours created by nature have appeared many times in the designs of bespoke dresses made by Odzieżowe Pole. The brown of a moist tree bark shining in the morning, the warm orange rays of the setting sun or the white sand covering the dunes - these are examples of the colour palette visible in our clothing collections.

Slow fashion in Warsaw

Colour however is not everything. The secret of the beauty of organic clothes lies in the right choice of fabrics. Thanks to the knowledge-based experience, we are able to match fabric look, texture and weave to the woman’s individual preferences and style. We are happy to choose fabrics with a natural, unique look, because this is where the secret of their excellence lies. Silk tunics, linen jackets, cotton dresses and woolen coats hide stories about the changing seasons, the harmony rooted in nature and the wildness of its heart. Properly selected, they will express your beauty, lifestyle and personality in a distinguished way - with class but also with flair.

We love nature as much as women's fashion, which is why we create top quality dresses that keep their original shape for many years. Unlike high-street clothes they look great even after many washes and remain as comfortable as on the day of purchase. The timeless cut of silk jackets, tunics and dresses makes our clients wear them regardless of the passing of time and changing trends. High-quality clothes last longer, so you can buy less, implementing the idea of ​​slow fashion.

The philosophy of the Odzieżowe Pole brand is also consistent with the concept of less waste, which involves reducing the amount of excess goods. We often choose exclusive stock fabrics to create our collections, which we buy from Italian and French designers. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients a unique value in the form of garments made from a limited number of fabrics. At the same time, we reduce the amount of waste, giving the raw materials already produced a new, attractive form.

Let's return to the concept of sustainable fashion. It is also manifested in the shortening of the supply chain, which allows to reduce the amount of energy used and pollution emitted during transport. Clothes sewn in Poland are available on site - they do not need to be transported from other continents that triggers high jet fuel consumption.

Dresses sewn in Warsaw are not only an eco-friendly choice, but also give comfort associated with an individual approach to the needs of customers. Visit our atelier in Warsaw and find out how modern women’s clothes are made to measure.