Dresses & Jumpsuits

In reality, we expect only two things from our clothes - to be comfortable, but most of all so we like the way we look in them. Silk dresses created by a Polish designer are made to highlight all our strengths and at the same time discreetly hide imperfections. Sophisticated cuts make this flowy material wrap a silhouette up and elongate it, with the fabric falling into place with your every move. Odziezowe Pole’s designs give you a dose of weightless confidence the moment you put them on.

Our online shop offers you a selection of business attires, occasionwear as well as casual dresses perfect for a romantic walk. The Warsaw designer of womenswear works with varied styles, therefore you can find here anything from classic uniforms, Victorian influences to kimono-style garments. Used materials, such as silks, viscose or cotton, let your skin breathe and make you feel relaxed all day long.