Trousers & Skirts

Are you looking for unique clothing, created just for you and your needs? You do not want to wear mass produced garments that everyone has? Polish atelier Odzieżowe Pole knows what you want, and that is why we proudly present to you a selection of unusually-cut blouses, elegant skirts and comfortable trousers that you will not find in any of the high-street shops! Our collections are always made in limited numbers therefore we can offer you something new and exceptional. With our help you can finally build your own personal style!
Our clothing and accessories have been designed to fall in love with the way you look in them. Blouses and skirts highlight the best features of your body shape and mask any imperfections. Trousers and shirts have been made out of breathable, well-fitted fabrics - regardless whether you are looking for a business attire or a casual look you will always feel stylish and comfortable in our outfits.