In the past, choosing what to wear to a wedding was fairly straightforward. Recently we can see all the new trends popping up which make our choices a bit more complicated - anything from casual garden parties to glamorous out-of-the-country weddings are on the table.

Whether you have a bohemian wedding to look forward to or getting ready to fly out to a hot destination nuptials, the question of what to wear to a wedding is never an easy one. Before we break down what different wedding dress codes mean, there are a few simple rules every guest should follow, regardless of the wedding’s formality.

First and foremost, guests should never wear white and all its shades. Second, if the ceremony will take place in a church, bring something to cover your shoulders just in case, like a jacket or shawl, if you're wearing a sleeveless dress or top. Third, for your own convenience and peace of mind, it is worth matching the outfit with the type of the venue and its location.  

Below we present six different wedding styles and a variety of totally appropriate outfits that you are going to love:

6 types:


1. Garden and outdoor wedding:

The main wedding season in Poland are June (czerwiec), August (sierpien) and September (wrzesień) - the reason is the considered lucky letter "r" in the name and of course the unbeatable weather! As those types of weddings come with great amounts of preparation and some challenges - the dress coded is crucial to make you feel not only beautiful but comfortable and weather-proof!

Polish celebrities are increasingly choosing this type of weddings which only make them more popular and desirable.

Outdoor weddings usually start in the early afternoon hours therefore the most suitable would be a cocktail attire that is usually reserved for festive, less formal occasions. For an elegant, polished look choose an airy, long dress. This silk creation will certainly be perfect:

Dluga lawendowa jedwab

As the evenings can be chilly - you should think about a light coat or a jacket:

Zakiet z jedwabiu

Don’t be afraid to have some fun - as an alternative you can opt for a floral knee-length cocktail dress with an interesting belt:


2. Hot destination wedding:

In addition to the cut itself, be sure to pay attention to the fabric of your outfit. Make sure you choose a natural, soft material - linen, silk, cotton, viscose. It is worth thinking about a loose-fitting dress to ensure comfort and breathability.

Pastels and bright, light colours will always work great. See below our flared colourful dress that will flow effectively in the sun and wind:

Sukienka stokrotka 

3. Traditional Polish wedding:

Of course, it is worth taking into account the forecasted weather - but due to the changing climate, we often do not know until the last moment whether it will be sunny or rainy.

Polish weddings are associated (and rightly so) with an abundance of food and drink, but also with a lot of dancing and fun. That is why we suggest creations that will not only make you look stunning and appropriately festive but also cleverly mask some of the expected overindulgence:


4. Intimate wedding dinner amongst closest family and friends:

A dress in vivid colours or a tasteful jumpsuit will both be an excellent choice. Choose highest-quality fabric that will highlight the flawless cut of your outfit. Silk, premium cotton, linen mixed with silk, wool mixed with silk - these are some of the most high-end compositions of materials used for making tasteful dresses.


5. International wedding (the groom or the bride comes from another country)

Let's remember - every country has its own customs!

Before you go to a wedding abroad, read about specific wedding customs.

Great Britain is known for its sumptuous, feminine dresses, high heels and elaborate headgear - either fascinators and hats that women pin in their hair.

In Greece, literally everyone is invited to weddings - a medium-sized wedding has between 700 and 1000 guests, therefore there is no specific dress code to follow. For a great Greek wedding, we suggest a floral cotton or viscose dress made of natural material.

Silk is a perfect choice for a hot, humid day, so if you are going to a wedding party in hot climates, it is definitely worth spending a little more to feel comfortable in the heat:


6. Casual wedding

More couples than ever seem to be going for laid-back weddings to show off their personalities and love of nature.

A linen casual dress will definitely work great, especially if the day includes a bonfire and conversations until late evening.

Lniana sukienka 

Last but not least - regardless of the wedding style make sure you know some of the invited guests - that may give you a clue on how formal or how casual of the ceremony you should be getting ready for!

We wish you a lot of fun at the weddings and a perfect choice of outfits!

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